Aplicom A11W device available with hotspot

Aplicom A11W is now available with WLAN hotspot functionality, which opens up new use scenarios in different applications.

The hotspot feature adds native Internet connections to WLAN devices connected to the A11W created WLAN network. This allows devices to connect to company back-end systems via Internet to utilise the same 3G connection of the A11W hotspot. The connections can be controlled and limited if desired. All connected devices work in same secured WLAN network environment and can communicate locally as well.

The main use cases for hotspot are to connect WLAN capable devices, tablets, terminals, sensors etc. to the system provider back-end systems. The hotspot function works as a small router to create local WLAN network and enabling connection to the Internet or to partners private network if private secure APN’s are used in 3G network. Connection capacity the hotspot is not intended for browsing type use of Internet, nor other demanding services like video streaming etc.

The WLAN works in three principal modes:
1.     WLAN access point (AP) mode
2.     WLAN hotspot mode
3.     WLAN client mode

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