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Provider: Sledenje
Aplicom protocols: D, T, E, F, R, G
Languages: Slovene, English, German, Polish, Croatian
Aplicom products: A9 NEX, A1 TRAX, A1 MAX, A1 MAX RDL
Aplicom accessories: iButton, 3PAD keypad, RFID, temperature sensor, Garmin FMI
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International high quality & user friendly system for 365/7/24 - Fleet management solutions & Route optimization

alt system based on many years of research and development, efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experiences became a well-known European supplier and one of the leading player in its market. Based on the south part of Middle Europe in Slovenia we manage to provide services to any client in the world.
The system offers table based and mobile application in various models:
  1. BASIC standard FM solutions for vehicles real time position, history data, automatically email reports, drivers ID.

    Table and mobile based application for online data

  2. ADVANCE premium solutions for real time alerts, Garmin connection for written communication and navigation, CanFMS data transfer, fuel probe with 24/7 alerts and monitoring of fuel consumption, level and refueling, Cold chain Management with frigo real time temperature and humidity sensors, shipment tracking, taxi system, automated remote digital tachograph & driver card files download directly from truck to office, waste management solutions, winter services overview-planning and realization.

    Advanced data tracking and monitoring for all vehicles all over the world.

  3. EKO2GO excellent system to follow drivers behavior and their score of errors affecting on fuel consumption, tires, exceptional vehicle repairs-maintenance, with average 18% less fuel consumption results!

    Driver behaviour report will effect on fuel consumption.

  4. AMCS TRANSVISION, PLANLOGIX route planning software’s for dynamic planning on daily basis (door to door deliveries, field services, etc.) , for strategical planning for repeated routes (waste collection, school transportation, etc.). TOP combination of Track&Trace + route planning + geodesy experts for the best optimal utilization of the fleet.

    Right vehicle  at the right place at the tight time.

  5. INTEGRATION with other information systems.

    We connect office and fleet

You might be the right International Business Partner

Their International expansion is constantly on the move and looking for new partners with whom to share and develop further a proven success model in Croatia, Austria, Poland and West Africa.
Expected Partner profile is to provide ability for B2B sales force on Telematics area knowledge (sales, equipment import & installation coordination, customer technical support).
Always open for any other proposal for Business model collaboration.
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