Strategy, mission and values

Strategy, mission and values


Aplicom’s growth strategy is based on continuous development of innovative and reliable telematics units, new software functionalities and superior support services. Our operation relies on the long-term relationships and close cooperation with service providers, equipment manufacturers and system integrators. These Aplicom customers provider solutions and services to end-customers with commercial vehicle fleets, company cars and remote monitoring (Internet of Things). Aplicom delivers customised solutions to many large customers and provides development toolkits for its partners to customise Aplicom products and services by themselves.

Aplicom delivers its products globally with the main markets being in Europe and the Gulf-area.


The mission is to increase traffic efficiency and safety and to reduce environmental impacts with more intelligent use of vehicles through wireless applications.

We at Aplicom believe that increasing intelligence in transport and logistics with innovative IoT technology is crucial for our society and the wider world. Logistics operations play a major role in our society, with the number of vehicles growing rapidly. New communications as well as component and software technologies enable vehicle telematics and remote telemetry to develop safer, more efficient and less polluting solutions.

Our lives improve with better planning of traffic and more efficient information exchange. Operating efficiency improves when the required information is available even in remote locations without the need for on-site information gathering.


  • We believe that open and trusting relations with customers and other partners are fundamental to our way of doing business.
  • When Aplicom’s staff work together and with the company’s partners the open sharing of information and respect for one another is essential.
  • Aplicom and its staff  take responsibility for their conduct in customer relations and for the company, its co-workers, the quality of its operations and the environment.
  • To ensure the high quality of our work, we seek to develop ourselves as both professionals and human beings.
  • We are motivated by continuous innovation, the realisation of new ideas and setting and achieving challenging goals.

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