A11 – New flagship product family for Aplicom

A11 – New flagship product family for Aplicom

Our new flagship product family A11 will lead you to the next level of telematics – proven firmware, including a real-time multi-tasking operating system, with unique features and capabilities as well as superb reliability will let you fulfill almost any needs of telematics.

The new Aplicom A11 product family replaces the A1 product family and will continue its success story. Aplicom A11 includes all the same functionalities as A1 products added with the addition of many new functionalities and more competitive pricing.

Aplicom A11 products are extremely versatile and flexible with many interfaces and connections. A11 units have high processing capacity with an extremely reliable two processor architecture for demanding telematics use and large memory capacity for smooth operation and feature expansion. The units have 3G/2G communications, accurate positioning and a generous set of software options as well as two CAN interfaces and tachograph connectivity.

A11 units are available for ordering – contact our sales staff to find out more!

See product detail page for more information.


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