Aplicom SIM cards are optimised for vehicle use

Aplicom offers SIM-cards which are optimised for vehicle use, but also suitable for telemetry and IoT applications.

✔️ Aplicom SIM cards are optimal for European wide roaming with low communication fee and the best possible communication quality. The SIM cards cover almost the whole Europe and extended country packages can be provided separately.

✔️ Aplicom provides access to Aplicom SIM Management Portal to see detailed SIM information, deactivate discontinued SIMs, create triggers and alerts, make customer specific inventories, see consumed data and a lot more.

✔️ Combined with the Aplicom factory SIM installation and configuration service, you can remarkably reduce the handling time of the telematics units and release resources to other tasks.

✔️ You have the option of 2 MB, 10MB and 50 MB SIM cards. The SIM cards are pooled, which means that all traffic of all the SIM cards you have purchased, is added together and divided by the number of SIM cards. So, if one SIM uses 3 MB and another 1 MB, the average is 2 MB and therefore balanced out. Further benefits of the pooled bundle are decreased billing and market communication efforts. The big advantage is that due to the pooling your costs stay constantly flat and we take the risk of overusage to a certain extent. The session rounding of the SIM cards is 1kb in all countries.

✔️ The price allows using the SIM’s only for local data traffic. Using one SIM card for both local data use and roaming means no risk at country border cases, always the same SIM card content and features, no roaming risks and always the same APN and other settings.

Sounds pretty good, right? Contact our sales to get Aplicom SIM cards or click the “Contact us” button to reach us.

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