Partner services

Partner services

Are you looking for a tracking service or an IoT-platform? Aplicom’s proprietary protocols are supported by hundreds of system integrator partners, and alternatively Aplicom units support also some widely used IoT platforms and their protocols.

IoT platforms

These serve typically remote diagnostics needs with an emphasis on device management. Below we list the supported IoT platforms/protocols. For the latest status and implementation possibilities of other IoT cloud solutions, please contact Aplicom sales.

  • T-Systems Cloud of Things
    The Cloud of Things is Deutsche Telekom’s contribution to the management and control of connected devices. It is an IoT platform that collects sensor data from different machines and evaluates and visualises them. Aplicom units are first registered and configured on the Cloud of Things, and then they read out the machine data, send it to the cloud and shown it on the platform’s dashboard. More information about the T-Systems Cloud of Things here.
  • Cumulocity
    Cumulocity has been a leading Device and Application Management Internet of Things (IoT) Platform since 2010. The platform is open, application centric and free-to-try. It allows you to prove your end-to-end business concept quickly with a handful of things and rapidly scale your deployment to over 20 global data centres as you connect millions with telco-grade reliability. More information about Cumulocity here.

Tracking solutions

Aplicom devices are widely supported among system integrators for collecting data remotely from moving objects.

Using Aplicom’s proprietary binary D-protocol, you can get basic information as timestamp, position data, I/O’s or serial data and can provide SaaS to a large amount of customer segments. The other ones, E-protocol for real-time tachograph data, F-protocol for FMS-data, Garmin protocol, H-protocol for histogram data and R-protocol for reliable communication with ACK/NACK–support, are implemented according to the customer’s needs and visualised in a web UI.

Please ask us for detailed information about a potential supplier of tracking service providers for fulfilling your remote data collection presentation and reporting needs.

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