A11 Bluetooth

Aplicom A11 BLE units receive ID and advertisement signals from Bluetooth LE 5.0 beacons and upload collected data to back-end systems on a periodic basis

Bluetooth tags and beacons can be used to identify objects, or act as wireless sensors that provide measurement data and on/off-information. The interaction between beacons and A11 units enables a range of interesting use-cases.

Aplicom Bluetooth LE 5.0 beacon recognition for A11 sensors, truck

A11 Telematics Software provides you with a versatile set of functions to filter incoming Bluetooth data, and to define how beacons are listened to and how data is sent.

Functionality can be configured using our A-Series Telematics SW Configurator Tool. A11 Bluetooth features are also supported by Aplicom’s Java Software Development Kit.

A11 BLE uses an external antenna for maximum reception quality.

Please contact sales@aplicom.fi for more information about A11 BLE!

If you are an Aplicom partner, you can find detailed product data and documentation at Aplicom Partner Extranet.

Download Aplicom A11 Series Data Sheet

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