RFID Leserintegration

RFID readers can be used for identifying and tracking trailers, containers, work machines, tools, and other assets.

AgoraBee IXCODE professional RFID reader has been integrated with Aplicom A9 telematics devices. The solution consists of AgoraBee Tags & Reader, Aplicom telematics devices and our back-end SW-platform.

Integartion_of_AgoraBee_RFID_reader_to Aplicom_A9 _telematics_device

AgoraBee tags are mounted on assets and read by the IXCODE reader. The tag can contain various sensors to monitor temperature, motion, and asset-identification information. The AgoraBee IXCODE RFID reader is connected via a serial interface to Aplicom A9 telematics devices that then receives events related to the assets.

Aplicom A9 transmits the received data on a serial port and then via a 2G/3G cellular mobile network to the back-end server. The application-SW in the back-end keeps track of, and monitors the assets according to the user’s requirements.


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