Uusi Aplicom A11W – A11 integroidulla WLAN ominaisuudella

Aplicom introduces new A11 telematics units with WLAN functionality – A11W units. The WLAN functionalities open-up many new use scenarios in different applications. For example:

  • To connect wireless displays to the vehicle telematics unit. Wireless displays can be used in the vehicle or they can be used to connect the portable terminal used outside the vehicle.
  • Telematics data can be collected while driving and it can be easily unloaded to operative system in a terminal, warehouse or other – or uploaded to telematics device.

Uusi Aplicom A11W - A11 integroidulla WLAN ominaisuudella

Several versions to select

  • A11/A11W BX    Core product for standard Aplicom A11 Telematics SW and Java SDK users.
  • A11/A11W DX    Product package for Java SDK users with 2 x CAN support
  • A11/A11W MX    Product package with Aplicom telematics SW and full set of A11 SW options.
  • A11/A11W RDX  Product package with all A11 MX functions and RDL support.

Key features

Key features

See product detail page or contact our sales staff for more information.

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