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Aplicom T-Series, the fully managed telematics device

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We help you create profitable telematics and industrial IoT solutions for your customers

Aplicom A-Series

Advanced telematics units with configurable functionality and performance for demanding applications

Aplicom Silver Cloud

T-Series and Silver Cloud provide easiest access to your tracking and telemetry data

Configurable Functionality

Create applications on A-Series telematics units - without programming

Aplicom Data Service

Secure store-and-forward data service – simple and reliable data transfer from Aplicom A-Series units to your system

Bluetooth for A11

A11 BLE with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 beacon reckoning. Check out details here!

Installation services and consultation

Assistance for demanding installations in vehicles

"Comparing to the other vendors I will choose Aplicom for many reasons, but mostly due to the support we’ve been receiving."
"Thank you Aplicom team for the excellent service, support and communication. We completed our project ahead of the deadline!"
"Thanks a lot for your help! This is what distinguishes Aplicom from all - if there's an extra mile to go with a customer, you go."
"400+ vehicles are now on this firmware and no problems have been encountered at all!"


What is telematics?

Every time someone who doesn’t work in my field asks me what I do, and I tell them “Telematics”, the...

12.10.2021 | Blog

What is enough data – how to reduce the cost of telemetry?

  When you analyse the profitability of a telematics solution, you need to take a thorough look at the operating...

13.09.2021 | Blog

Aplicom Newsletter May 2021

  Contents of this issue include: Aplicom A9 PRO and A11 devices now also support Intellic EFAS Smart Tachograph Series Gen 2...

20.05.2021 | Blog

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