Aplicom T20 *NEW*

Aplicom T20 is a compact, future-proof 4G IoT device designed for monitoring and tracking of mobile equipment in the evolving 5G ecosystem.

Aplicom Alto

Build a complete IoT solution using the Aplicom Alto IoT Platform and Aplicom T-Series devices.

Aplicom T-Series

Aplicom T-Series CAN Trackers are compact tracking and telemetry devices, supported by Aplicom Silver Cloud device management.

Aplicom Silver Cloud

T-Series and Silver Cloud provide easiest access to your tracking and telemetry data

Aplicom A-Series

Versatile Aplicom A-Series devices make implementation of demanding telematics and telemetry applications easier than ever!

Aplicom Data Service

Secure store-and-forward data service – simple and reliable data transfer from Aplicom A-Series units to your system

"Comparing to the other vendors I will choose Aplicom for many reasons, but mostly due to the support we’ve been receiving."
"Thank you Aplicom team for the excellent service, support and communication. We completed our project ahead of the deadline!"
"Thanks a lot for your help! This is what distinguishes Aplicom from all - if there's an extra mile to go with a customer, you go."
"400+ vehicles are now on this firmware and no problems have been encountered at all!"


🚀 Introducing Aplicom T20: Your Future-Proof IoT Solution🚀

We are excited to announce Aplicom T20 – the first Aplicom T-Series product built on top of our new device...

09.04.2024 | Blog

Navigating Nordic Winters: How FMS Nordic’s Partnership with Aplicom Enhances Ski Track Management

In the fiercely competitive world of cross-country skiing, where champions are separated by mere milliseconds, the difference between victory and...

06.02.2024 | Blog

Sensors Conquer the World

Every day, we monitor and measure our environment even more than yesterday, then we use those measurements to try to...

20.01.2024 | Blog

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