Aplicom T20

Aplicom T20 Telematics Gateway

The Aplicom T20 is a compact 4G IoT device designed for the tracking and monitoring of mobile equipment. The T20 uses 4G LTE-M cellular technology, which is specifically designed for IoT and telematics applications. As LTE-M technology continues to evolve as part of the 5G specifications, it makes the T20 a future-proof solution.

The unit is equipped with multiple interfaces for connecting additional devices such as iButton, keypad, RFID readers, and temperature sensors. Its two CAN bus interfaces enable the collection of data from vehicles and working machines.


T20 interfaces

Customize & Control

The Aplicom T20 SDK enables the development of custom applications to meet diverse needs. Easy-to-use, high-level APIs allow for edge processing within the T20 unit, optimizing cellular bandwidth, and reducing cloud service data usage.

The T20 features over-the-air (OTA) management capabilities, which allow for firmware updates, remote configuration changes, and the deployment of custom applications.

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