Your Partner for Industrial Telemetry Solutions

Your challenge

You are aware that you need telemetry / industrial IoT solutions to enable more effective and more environmentally friendly operation of your products. You need pro-active identification and replacement of weak components to increase the uptime of your operation, or you want to improve your customer service levels.

Your requirement

You require an experienced and reliable partner to provide mobile devices and software that can interface with your products and send data to your systems in a cost efficient and reliable way.

You need versatile and customizable products that provide optimal interfaces and functionality for your solution.

You also need support on a long-term basis from a partner who can conform with your quality and process requirements.

Solutions for you

We can offer you a range of powerful mobile devices with interfaces and software that can be made to fit your needs.

Since the 1990s, we have worked with major industrial manufacturers and gained solid experience in providing telemetry solutions for demanding applications.

Aplicom mobile devices efficiently handle interfaces, positioning and communication. They also run local software to e.g. pre-process and buffer data.

An important part of our offering is the understanding of best practices of telemetry, to produce solutions that perform as required and provide the best overall cost of ownership to you and your customers.

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