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Our product offerings are, at their core, powerful, configurable, programmable mobile devices.  They can be easily customised according to your requirements.

Aplicom devices are available with 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) support. LTE devices offer both 4G and 5G compatibility. Since 4G and 5G are different compatibility phases of LTE, a 5G network allows the operation of 4G device, with the performance that they offer on a regular 4G network. Thus, you needn’t worry about the compatibility of your 4G devices as 5G networks gain ground.  

Most of our LTE models are identical to their 2G/3G predecessor versions, so upgrading is easy. LTE may add performance, but most importantly, it means guaranteed connectivity as networks evolve. All functions and software can be ported to the LTE version with minimal effort. Our LTE products include fallbacks to existing 2G and 3G technologies ensuring connectivity in locations where LTE support is not yet available. 

Our A-Series telematics devices offer advanced functionality, versatile interfaces and programmability for demanding telematics and industrial IoT applications. A-Series LTE products offer high performance LTE CAT 1 connectivity with downlink top speeds up to 10 Mbits/s. CAT 1 is a stable and widely deployed technology that provides reliable connectivity for your applications. 

Aplicom T-Series CAN Trackers are compact tracking and telemetry devices, supported by Aplicom Silver Cloud device management.

The T20 unit is equipped with multiple interfaces for connecting additional devices, such as the iButton, keypad, RFID readers, and temperature sensors. Two CAN bus interfaces enable the collection of data from vehicles and working machines.

T10 and T10 G units have gone through extensive tests for both low and high temperatures, vibrations, and other environmental conditions to withstand the demands of an operating environment on any kind of vehicle. They have an IP67 rating for water and dust protection. This makes them suitable for use in trailers, machines outside of a heated driver cabin, and other challenging conditions.

The T10 G and T20 units communicate over 4G LTE Cat-M, which makes them compatible with 5G networks.

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