T-Series Q&A

How does T-Series relate to Aplicom A-Series?

T-Series is an Aplicom entry-level product that provides simplicity and robustness for straightforward tracking solutions. Silver Cloud is an entirely new service that is an integral part of the T-Series tracking solution.

The product family is positioned below the more powerful A-Series that offers more features, interfaces and programmability.

Can I use T-Series for industrial IoT telemetry applications?

Yes. You can configure device functions  to meet your requirements.

Does T10 always come with Silver Cloud?

Yes. The power of the solution lies in the tight integration between device management and the device. The device activation, configuration management and software updates are managed by Silver Cloud.

Does T-Series always come with the SIM?

Standard solution includes Aplicom SIM, installed and configured. We take care of the connectivity and management of the subscriptions with a fixed monthly price.

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