IoT Overview

At the core of our solutions are powerful and versatile devices designed to acquire and pre-process your data. They have a wide set of interfaces, so they can connect to virtually any piece of machinery. If our standard interfaces don’t meet your needs, we are experts in developing customised interfaces for you.

A-series devices come with versatile, configurable Telematics Software. The needs of most applications can be met with our solutions – without the need for programming. Applications can be simply developed by configuring the Telematics Software using our A-Series SW configurator tool, which is available for Aplicom partners free of charge.

Our ADS data service makes acquired data from A-Series devices easily and reliably accessible over commonly used interfaces and formats for quick and easy integration with your back end.

The new T-Series devices come with Silver Cloud device management cloud – for cost efficient tracking and telemetry. The devices feature configurable functionality partnered with device management and cellular connectivity at a fixed monthly price.

Concentrate on the added value of your own solution – we’ll take care of the rest.

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