Aplicom Alto platform helps to gain real-time insights on equipment maintenance, performance, sustainability, and safety.

Aplicom Data Service (ADS) is purpose-built for connecting your system with Aplicom A-Series mobile devices. It is a secure store-and-forward cloud service that lets you communicate with your mobile devices through a simple programming interface (API).

Aplicom Silver Cloud, tightly-integrated device management and connectivity for carefree operation of your  T-Series device fleet.

T-Series device activation, functionality, wireless software updates and device health monitoring are made easy by Silver Cloud’s configuration management tools.

Cellular connectivity with Aplicom SIM provides fixed-price connectivity with international coverage *. We handle device SIM installation, take care of subscription management and invoice you periodically.

Aplicom Remote Download Service (RDL) of tachograph data is a simple stand-alone service for transferring tachograph data to the customer office. You just need Aplicom devices to the vehicle, a compact Aplicom company card server, and the cloud service. Data is automatically transferred to front office, allowing users to comply with regulations in an easy and reliable way.

If your need extends outside of our core offering, we also deliver custom projects. From special software features to custom branding and package labelling, let us know how we can help


* Standard service operation in the EU and nearby regions. For detailed information, please contact us.

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