Aplicom Data Service (ADS) is a secure store-and-forward service that connects your system with Aplicom A-Series mobile devices. Communicate with your mobile devices through a simple programming interface (API).

Connectivity with Aplicom SIM is an option. Choose Aplicom SIM, and we will provide connectivity at a fixed price with international coverage. We install the SIMs in your devices, take care of subscription management and invoice you periodically.

Remote Download Service Of Tachograph Data

Tachograph data downloading is often integrated in telematics solutions. Small transport companies are not always connected to telematics, but tachograph data retrieval is essential.

Aplicom Remote Download Service (RDL) of tachograph data is a simple stand-alone service for transferring tachograph data to customer offices. All that is needed is Aplicom devices in vehicles, a compact Aplicom company card server, and the cloud service. The data gets automatically transferred and the user can comply with regulations in an easy and reliable way.

Installation services are available in Europe through our German team. We are also happy to provide consultation and assistance for installing Aplicom devices in vehicles.

We also offer factory installation of custom configurations and software on Aplicom units. You will get the units with the defined functionality, tested and ready to go.

Aside from our standard services and products, we are always happy to offer special products and features as custom projects. These can be anything from special software features to custom product branding, or special package labelling for OEM use. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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