Aplicom continuously develops innovative telematics software. For standard solutions Aplicom has ready-made in-built telematics software. Aplicom offers also a software development service for its customers and also development tools for the system partners who want to create their own solutions.

Ready-made software

Aplicom’s ready-made standard telematics software is perfect for the standard telematics needs. The devices can be simply configured to match your needs, and due to open interfaces they are easy to integrate with any system.

Customised software

Aplicom has two approaches for creating customised software – Aplicom can either develop the software for the customer or provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the system partner to create their own software.

Aplicom SDK – Software Development Kit description

A9/A11 Software Development Kits (hereinafter referred to as SDK) contain documentation and Java class libraries required to develop Java applications for Aplicom A9 and A11.

Aplicom telematics units can be used with customised software developed by Aplicom system partners.  The programming is done in the Java language, and the developed application is downloaded to the telematics unit that then runs it instead of the standard software.  Aplicom offers Java SDK for its system partner´s use.  It can be downloaded free-of-charge from Aplicom Partner Extranet.

Java SDK and development tools enable own application development.  They are needed in applications where there is a requirement for efficient processing capacity, versatile interfaces, high reliability, flexibility and expandability of standard features.

The documentation contains the following items in Aplicom Partner Extranet:

  • K503020 Aplicom A-family Software Developer´s Guide
  • D205301 Aplicom A9 SDK Release (52 MB) (the same SDK for A9 NEX, A9 IPEX and A9 TRIX)
  • D208300 Aplicom A11 SDK Release (54 MB) (the same SDK for A11 and A11 WLAN)

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