Aplicom T10 G

Aplicom T10 G is a rugged CAN tracker unit for 4G networks. Simple, compact and weather resistant with an IP67 rated enclosure.

With global 4G roaming capacity, a plug-&-play operation philosophy and Aplicom Silver Cloud device management you can start receiving the data that is important to you, today.

Future proof connectivity

Aplicom T10 G works in the LTE network protocol. This means its fully compatible with the 4G network, as well as the future 5G networks.
As a fallback, the T10 G supports 2G, securing roaming operations even at remote sites.

If you are looking for a cost-efficient CAN tracker for 2G networks, check out Aplicom T10.

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    Order Aplicom T10 G Starter Kit!

    Order Aplicom T10 G Starter Kit!

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