New EBS SW option for A9 IPEX

Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) contain lots of important information on trailers and other transportation equipment. Aplicom A9 IPEX enables CAN based SW connection to utilize this useful information in telematics system. EBS solution enables monitoring, reporting and sending of event based snapshots to back-end system for monitoring use and operation conditions of trucks, lorries and trailers. 

With the use of EBS software option Aplicom provides the most important braking system information such as axle loads to calculate load weight, brake lining wear, distance to next service, vehicle speed and total distance, tire pressure (requires Integrated Vehicle Tyre Monitoring system (IVTM) installed), failure status and many more data according to ISO standard.

The ISO standard implementation offers generic support for all EBS systems manufacturers supporting it, and additionally part of manufacturing specific data is possible to get from makes: Haldex, Knorr Bremse and Wabco.

Make your cargo and trailer monitoring better and more efficient with EBS. 

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Cold Chain Solution to protect valuable and easily perishable cargo

Aplicom’s temperature software option enables the use of official cold chain data by reading and sending cargo cold chain temperatures and alerts to a back-end office.

Aplicom’s solution for temperature monitoring offers an easy way to keep the cargo undamaged from temperature changes. The temperature is constantly monitored, and when changes occur they can be processed to send an alarm to the driver and/or the office immediately. Alarming the driver about significant changes allows him to drive the lorry to a nearby storage depot or to transfer the cargo to another lorry if the original vehicle’s refrigerator system breaks down.
How does it work?
Aplicom A9 NEX or A9 IPEX is connected to the lorry’s refrigerator unit’s data logger. From the data logger Aplicom units collect temperature sensor data and alarm events. By reading temperature and threshold data, the driver and back-end system can be informed with alerts if the predefined temperature limits are exceeded. The threshold can be defined at the back-end system or from the data logger by the driver. Aplicom Cold Chain Solution is available for the most common data loggers available in the market.

New A9 IPEX - IP-protected telematics unit for harsh environments

Aplicom introduces a new product A9 IPEX – based on A9 NEX product family. Aplicom A9 IPEX is an IP67 level protected telematics unit for position related applications. A9 IPEX offers a rugged and sophisticated way of collecting and communicating vehicle and asset information for a back-end service. The accurate GPS/GLONASS receiver with inbuilt antenna and A-GPS support provide location data also in situations where the unit is installed below the vehicle or asset. Thanks to the inbuilt battery and movement sensor the location of the object is known at all times; even when the object is standing without power for a long period of time.

A9 IPEX is suitable for trailers, containers, other motorized and non-motorized assets like heavy machinery, construction equipment and other outdoor assets. The unit is protected against dust and water. A9 IPEX detects any attempts to block the GPS positioning. The unit sends an alarm, and Cell-ID positioning can work as back-up. The unit also detects any A GPRS jamming actions.

Instead of a standard two screw installation set, there is a factory installed magnetic assembly option available for fixing the unit to iron and steel surface. 

For more information, please contact Aplicom Sales: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


New A9 NEX - Many improvements to Aplicom A9

altAplicom has made many interesting and useful improvements to its A9 product family – the end result being the new product called A9 NEX. The product brings extended memory resources, combined A-GPS and GPS/GLONASS positioning, flexible connections, integrated antennas and versatile software functionalities with value-added services.

The added resources allow for future developments and completely new products based on A9 NEX product architecture.

  • New enhanced product features compared to Aplicom A9:
  • More memory and processing capacity with new GPRS/Java module
  • Combined A-GPS and GPS/GLONASS functionality provides the most accurate fix quality all over the world
  • Internal antennas for both GPS/GLONASS and GPRS
  • Jamming detection to detect GPS and GSM jamming situations
  • Accurate odometer for improved position fix and trip calculation, especially helpful in A9 Quick model use
  • Enhanced 3D acceleration sensor which gives more reliable acceleration and deceleration measurements
  • Improved COM port connector ensures reliability in M2M and vehicle applications
  • GSM based Cell-ID positioning gives approximate position information when for example a vehicle is in a garage or the GPS jammer is used.
  • New D-protocol version 3.0 supports new features and enhancements
  • Improved Over the Air (OTA) management capabilities enables easier software option upgrades and configurations of the unit
  • New acceleration event software option for A9 NEX, which uses the 3D acceleration sensor
  • Also new SDK release for A9 NEX


The A9 NEX product family consists of a number of different product versions and sales packages. Please contact Aplicom sales for further information This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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