Aplicom’s net sales in 2016 increased by more than 20% and the company expanded its business

Aplicom’s net sales in 2016 increased by more than 20% and the company expanded its business with automotive repair chain service solutions
Deliveries of Aplicom telematics increased by approximately one third compared to the previous year, and net sales increased by 21%. In addition, Aplicom has acquired the Berlin-based company Cardian GmbH, which delivers customer installations and telematics service systems with Aplicom devices. 
According to its strategy Aplicom expanded its operations by innovative automotive IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. Aplicom developed and launched an end2end solution for car service chains and car dealers to improve customer communication, remote vehicle maintenance and maintenance bookings. Elisa and Helpten, resellers of Aplicom solutions, together introduced a new service system at the beginning of January 2017 for the car dealer group Autopalin that belongs to the S-Group, which is one of the biggest repair companies in Finland. 
While deliveries of Aplicom devices continue to grow in the international market, growth will be strengthened by new service solutions using Aplicom devices. Aplicom operates in the market through system and service provider partners. The new solutions are not competing with Aplicom’s service partners' solutions.



Aplicom A9 TRIX K-line – benefit for digital tachograph service

The newly introduced product package A9 TRIX K includes the A9 TRIX unit version that has K-line for connecting to a digital tachograph D8 Info interface for getting tachograph real time data. The product package includes the unit with a K-line interface circuit and the necessary tacho option to activate the K-line interface. The K-line uses the unit’s 1-wire connector to connect to the digital tachograph D8 cable, so the 1-wire interface is not available in this product version. Other functionalities are the same as for the standard A9 TRIX product. A9 TRIX with K-Line unit is also programmable for custom applications through the use of the latest Java SDK that supports use of the K-line interface.
The digital tachograph based real time data (D8 data i.e. digital tachograph info interface data) that includes useful data from the vehicle, the vehicle identity number (VIN), the vehicle registration number, driver card identities and many others: tachograph time,  vehicle speed, vehicle total distance, trip distance, tachograph status change events, driver IDs, work status changes, driver card insertion/removal events for both drivers etc.
It is possible  to get this information to the back end system with Aplicom E protocol. The same information is also available for SDK developed applications. The tacho option included in the unit supports VDO, Stoneridge, Actia D8 real-time data protocols and it gives the information to the back end system and SDK users in a unified format so that no manufacturer specific handling of the data is needed.
Note that this D8 real time data is not the officially required data that the authorities require to be collected periodically. That data can be obtained by using Aplicom remote download RDL products with remote download capable digital tachographs.
Since the unit has different HW circuits in place for K-line use, it must be ordered from the factory as it is. The unit can be upgraded to include A9 TRIX K RDL functionality with the necessary SW options in order to offer also the RDL functionality. The D8 data is used with the RDL case to identify driver card reading times for obtaining the driver card data in the best possible way.
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A11 - New flagship product family for Aplicom

Our new flagship product family A11 will lead you to the next level of telematics - proven firmware, including a real-time multi-tasking operating system, with unique features and capabilities as well as superb reliability will let you fulfill almost any needs of telematics.

The new Aplicom A11 product family replaces the A1 product family and will continue its success story. Aplicom A11 includes all the same functionalities as A1 products added with the addition of many new functionalities and more competitive pricing.

Aplicom A11 products are extremely versatile and flexible with many interfaces and connections. A11 units have high processing capacity with an extremely reliable two processor architecture for demanding telematics use and large memory capacity for smooth operation and feature expansion. The units have 3G/2G communications, accurate positioning and a generous set of software options as well as two CAN interfaces and tachograph connectivity.

 A11 units are available for ordering - contact our sales staff to find out more!

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Aplicom’s new office and company in Berlin

Aplicom has acquired the Berlin-based company CARDIAN GmbH, which delivers customer installations and telematic service systems with Aplicom devices.
Through the acquisition of CARDIAN GmbH, Aplicom is both consolidating its presence in German-speaking Europe and strengthening its position in particular among the device manufacturers and major operators of the German automobile industry to better support existing customers. This means also expanding its offering with service software utilising Aplicom’s telematics devices.
“Bringing together the Berlin based company with Aplicom’s experienced telematics team will provide a foundation for faster growth in the emerging connected vehicle markets. For our growth strategy, being closer to the customers and having also certain service system expertise are increasingly important." says CEO of Aplicom Vesa Helkkula.
Finland-based Aplicom is a leading European vehicle telematics device manufacturer and developer. Its offering has expanded to various intelligent traffic systems and services to its partner network. International sales account for 80% of all sales, most of which are to Europe for vehicle communication and tracking service providers, vehicle service chains, system integrators and vehicle manufacturers. Traffic digitalisation and proliferation of intelligent transport solutions for passenger cars is currently opening up significant prospects for growth. Aplicom was founded in 1995 and operates in Äänekoski, Espoo and Berlin.

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