Aplicom Newsletter, September 2019

In this newsletter: Aplicom A-series telematics devices use A-GPS for superior positioning performance New Smart Tachographs supported by Aplicom Aplicom is attending the GITEX 2019 Technology Week in Dubai Read Aplicom Newsletter September 2019

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Aplicom Newsletter, September 2018

Read Aplicom Newsletter, September 2018 Compatibility with Modbus protocol Aplicom is attending Telematics Conference CEEurope and TU-Automotive Europe Aplicom has sharpened its environmental policy

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Aplicom Newsletter, April 2018

Read Aplicom Newsletter, April 2018 Aplicom focuses on data security 4G connectivity for A11 Getting to know EBS systems’ telematics with A9 IPEX EBS Starter Kit (more…)

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Aplicom Newsletter, February 2018

Read Aplicom Newsletter, February 2018 Aplicom A11W device available with hotspot Aplicom 1-Wire temperature monitoring solution offers cost-effective way for measuring and reporting temperatures Aplicom A-series devices use with OEM fuel level sensors

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Aplicom Newsletter, November 2017

Read Aplicom Newsletter, November 2017 Aplicom products in marine fleet solutions Pre-calculate Aplicom A11 battery operation time Tip of the month: Aplicom RDL Management Service, Follow Aplicom on social media

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Aplicom Newsletter, September 2017

Read Aplicom Newsletter, September 2017 New bigger capacity Aplicom SIM cards with lower prices Aplicom’s Auto IoT – solution for vehicle repair operations presented at the ConCarExpo 2017 Carsharing with Aplicom A9 and its special solution

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