Cable drawings

A11 cables

A11 Power cableD3380000,5m
A11 Power cable 3mD3380053m
A11 data cableD3380201,5m
A11 serial adapter cableD3380251,5m
A11 Garmin FMI-15 CableD3381200,5m
A11 Digital tachograph D8 cableD3381403m
A11 RDX Direct DL CableD3384005m
A11 RDX FMS DL cableD3384202m

A9 PRO cables

A9 PRO Power and IO cableD3373000,5m

A9 TRIX cables

A9 TRIX Power and IO cableD3370500,5m
A9 TRIX data cable D337055D3370551,5m

A1 cables

Fuel alarm cable for A1D3350351,25m
IO cableD3350300,5m
1-Wire/Led cable for A1D3350310,5m
Cigarette Lighter Power cable for A1D3350023m
Serial data cableD3350101,5m
Serial adapter cable (RJ45-D9M)D3350151,5m
Data cable RS485 K LineD3350400,5m
Data cable RS485 K Line CAND3350410,5m
Data cable digital tachograph RS485 CAND3350810,5m & 3m
IO Cable For 4-20mA Current SensorD3350330,5m
1-wire Y-adapter for DLKP and iBUTTOND3350530.15m
SW Debug cableD3350201,5m
Power cable without IGN ctrlD3350053m
Digital tachograph cable for A1D3350803m

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