Assisted GPS service in A-Series Telematics Software

Assisted GPS service in A-Series Telematics Software

Did you know that Aplicom Telematics Software offers access to an A-GPS service, completely  free of charge?

Assisted GPS, commonly known as A-GPS, speeds up the GPS receiver start-up and enhances positioning accuracy when the receiver powers up. Aplicom A-GPS provides assistance by downloading satellite information to the receiver automatically.

Once enabled, the Aplicom A-GPS service works in the background, periodically downloading a file with satellite almanac data to the GPS receiver. This speeds up the GPS fix after unit start-up, especially in difficult reception conditions.

As a result, GPS performance will  improve  in many ways:

  • First position is more accurate and more reliable;
  • Time to first fix can drop by up to 75%, sometimes even more;
  • Even in normal conditions, average time to first fix reduces significantly;
  • Time to first fix varies less.

The A-GPS service is an Aplicom courtesy service for Aplicom A-Series Telematics software users. A-GPS consumes some mobile data, typically 300-500 kB per month, and the SIM must allow access to the public network. Otherwise, there are no costs involved.

For A-GPS, all you need to do is change the A-GPS parameter value in your configuration to “true”. Now you can enjoy better GPS performance!

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