Prevent fuel thefts and unauthorized use of fuel with Aplicom fuel alert solution

Aplicom’s fuel alert solution provides an easy to use warning system to prevent fuel thefts and unauthorized use of fuel. Configurable and easy to use, this solution is a cost-effective way to widen your product/service offering.

✔️ Monitoring vehicle’s fuel level is essential for preventing unauthorized use of fuel or it from being stolen. Aplicom’s Fuel Alert solution provides a configurable warning system that generates an alarm event when a significant decrease or increase in fuel level is detected. The main use is to detect fuel thefts.

✔️ The fuel alert checks regularly if there has been a change in fuel level when the vehicle or machine is not moving. In case of detected changes in the fuel level, the A11 unit reacts to it and generates a preconfigured alarm trigger based on optimized thresholds.

✔️ There are no need for additional sensors since the system uses vehicle’s own fuel sensor. for one or two tanks. To measure the fuel level it uses A11 unit’s AD input which is kept active also when the vehicle’s ignition is switched off.

✔️ You can configure A11 to react in a most suitable way regarding every customer’s individual requirements. It is possible to use the same solution for all fuel monitoring cases and still have the versatility needed for different types of cases. Changes to the configuration can be made based on the fuel level thresholds, alarm methods, recipients of the alarms etc.

See Aplicom fuel alert solution page here and download datasheet.

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