Shock Detection Feature For A11

Our new A-Series shock detection option can detect shocks and impacts while vehicles and/or machines are moving or standing still.

Previous detection methods required GNSS data to detect accelerations while driving. The new function detects impact solely based on 3D accelerometer data, independent of other sources. Thus, the function also works indoors, such as in a garage or warehouse.

The threshold level for triggering an event is configurable in telematics software parameters, and can be adjusted to fit the sensitivity of the use case.

Acceleration values are measured during an impact. The acceleration value is calculated by combining measured values along all three axes.

When a combined value exceeds a configured threshold parameter value, an event is generated. This event can be configured to trigger additional actions in the telematics unit. Event information contains average, maximum, and minimum acceleration values for X, Y, and Z axes of the sensor. Please note that acceleration values along axes are used as input for the calculation, but they are not intended for detecting the direction of the acceleration in relation to the vehicle.

The shock detection doesn’t require any specific orientation set up so the device can be freely installed or moved from one vehicle to another.

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