Aplicom equipment in “VIST Group” solutions for mining industry

Company “VIST Group” has been working in the IT market for more than 20 years, providing vast experience in the development of the information systems and the capabilities of working with complex solutions for various applications in mining and metallurgy, power-engineering, science and telecommunications industries. VIST Group is a leader in the deployment of mine fleet management systems, control systems in Russia and CIS. The powerful and reliable Aplicom vehicle computers have been used in many popular solutions of VIST Group. The main areas of using Aplicom vehicle computers are: VG Fleet (monitoring and control of general transport), VG Service (the service system of the equipment diagnostics and control), VG Karier (Dispatch control system “Karier”).

VIST Group solutions are used by such companies as: OAO “Aldanzoloto”, all coal mines of HK “CDC”, all coal mines of OAO “SUEK”, OAO ”South Kuzbas” (OAO “Mechel-Mining”), Sibuglemet, KTK, “Polimetall” etc.

VIST Group technical service had got the task to choose a reliable solution – vehicle GSM controller with GLONASS positioning, which can work in the harsh climate conditions on the mining vehicles. The controller also must be programmable and provides sensor connection via CAN protocol. It was a demand for solving positioning tasks in northern latitudes, as well as for using on the vehicles providing people transportation in accordance with Federal Law N 22-FZ “About navigation activity”. Aplicom A5 controllers satisfied the requirements of the law and NAVIS receivers (used by GLONASS) provided reliable reception of navigation signals and positioning of mobile objects. So, Aplicom controllers were chosen for this system.

One of the solutions where Aplicom vehicle computers are used – is the service system of the equipment diagnostics and control – VG Service. This system is used by truck manufacturers (BELAZ, IZ-KARTEX Korableova), as well as the largest dealers of the dump trucks BELAZ: OJS “GPFK”, PLC “KuzbaBelAvto” and foreign dealers. About 400 units of A1 FLEX were delivered for VG Service.

BELAZ is one of the largest in the world and the only one in CIS manufacturer of the dump trucks. It produces mining dump trucks with capacity from 30 to 360 tons, vehicles for mine-servicing works, underground vehicles, vehicles for metallurgical works, special purpose vehicles etc. More than 70% of the products are sold in Russia. About 30% world market of the dump trucks belongs to the plant. It is one of seven world leading corporations in the industry of the mining trucks production.

The manufacturer of excavator, IZ-Kartex, also uses VG Service. During 2000 – 2011 the plant supplied more than 280 units of mining equipment, including 265 excavators and 15 drilling rigs to the mining enterprises of Russia and CIS..

The VG Service system has been designed for:

  • reclamation enumerating
  • mobile objects state control
  • equipment diagnostics and technical readiness coefficient increase
  • the unauthorized use of equipment and permitted territory borders crossing control
  • fuel consumption control
  • report export

The system provides operative and full image of equipment and machinery usage and it enables equipment consumer company, dealer, service company, distributor, equipment producer to prevent the adverse events, react to reclamations during the equipment use promptly, prevent the service troubles, and also control the usage efficiency.

In 2012 VIST Group and TEREX, the dealer of mining trucks, signed the contract for using VG Service with Aplicom vehicle computers. TEREX products include a wide range of vehicles and equipment for road construction, mining, petroleum, transportation, processing industry and municipal services. They are sold in more than 170 countries.

In 2011 BELAZ supplied several dozens of the dump trucks, equipped with the other solution of VIST Group – CSLFL (Control system of loading and fuel level) and Aplicom controllers, in Indonesia and Australia. During warranty period the Customer Service uses VG Service for tracking of the vehicle operating parameters.

During the period of cooperation between VIST Group and Aplicom, about 1000 Aplicom devices have been installed in the mining enterprises, that means reliability and applicability of Aplicom units for the complicated conditions in that industry.

“Honestly and frankly, we have chosen Aplicom controllers due to Aplicom was the first company we started to work in that direction. However, Aplicom units have proved their efficiency in the harsh environments of the mining industry!” says Dmitriy Klebanov, development director of VIST Group.

For further information, please, contact to PLC «VIST Group».

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