Aplicom’s on-board vehicle computers installed in all hungarocamion trucks

Hungarocamion, one of the leading logistics companies in Europe, selected Aplicom’s on-board vehicle computers to be installed in over 1,000 Hungarocamion trucks.

Aplicom’s ICA 1004 series computers are used to connect the trucks to the company’s information systems. The system uses SMS service of the GSM network for data communication. On-board units also include GPS receivers, which enable the operating centre to have real-time information about the movements of the vehicles.

“We have invested heavily in our information systems, and the latest stage is to connect our trucks to the entire logistics system. With Aplicom’s computers, this is now happening”, says István Dénes, CEO of Hungarocamion.

According to Dénes, Aplicom’s products will help Hungarocamion gain important economic benefits. “Transferring data manually or by phone has been laborious and errors occur easily. The use of the new data communication system increases our efficiency and reduces the risk of errors”, he comments.

I-Cell, Aplicom’s Hungarian partner, delivered the system and the software developed to connect the Aplicom computers to the customer’s system. In addition, it also delivered the software for the on-board vehicle computers.

“Aplicom provides an open platform on which we can easily build a system according to our customers needs”, says Kalman Gyalog, Managing Director of I-Cell. “Aplicom’s excellent references assured our customer that the system is effective also in big fleets.”

Aplicom Oy

Aplicom Oy is the leading manufacturer of on-board vehicle computers in Europe. The Finnish-owned Aplicom designs, produces and markets on-board vehicle computers for companies and corporations.

Over 90 percent of Aplicom’s products are exported. Aplicom’s products are used by, among others, Schenker-BTL, DaimlerChrysler, many drivers’ associations in Central Europe, the Norwegian Post and several ambulance trusts in the UK.

With Aplicom’s products, companies can link vehicles into their information system. Their service improves and fleet management becomes more effective, which enhances their competitiveness in the market. A vehicle computer adds to safety and makes better following of vehicles’ movements and condition possible.

Aplicom’s research and development unit and the production department are located in Äänekoski. Selling and marketing functions are carried out in Espoo. The company’s personnel numbers over 45 employees.

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