Gschwindl transport services opt for master-talk

Innovative communications systems are enjoying increasing popularity on Vienna’s roads. The Gschwindl company recently introduced the very best state-of-the-art radio technology in the Austrian capital for its transport services.

The company has been active in the passenger transport sector since 1929, specialising in the transport of disabled persons and door-to-door support services, for example. Gschwindl has now opted for a custom system from master-talk – the only commercial supplier of digital trunked mobile radio facilities in Austria – for even more efficient management of its services.

Trunked mobile radio in accordance with the European TETRA standard enables the fast and reliable electronic transmission of  speech and data in a single system.This means that the vehicle’s driver has the full scope of information – customers, schedules, routes, etc. – available on the display next to the dashboard and is able at the touch of a button to signal boarding and alighting passengers, to confirm route changes and much more besides.

This puts an end to printed lists and written notes – all special requirements and schedule changes are now defined and confirmed at the push of a button. This is vitally important in transport services for the disabled, as certain vehicles have been modified to meet special requirements, i.e. accommodating wheelchairs, etc. These vehicles must be available for certain customers at certain times. Arrangements required at short  notice can now be attended to swiftly and in a straightforward manner, thanks to the radio application from master-talk.

For the Gschwindl company, this  reduces  the administrative workload and the incidence of unnecessary empty runs, thus cutting  costs. The customers and their next of kin benefit from increased flexibility and reliability.

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