Holding Company “Siberian Business Union” introduces GLONASS based satellite navigation system for agricultural sector

OJSC Holding Company “SBU Agro”, part of “Siberian Business Union” (SBU) group of companies, Kemerovo, has invested 5, 5 mln rubles in agricultural vehicles equipping with GLONASS based satellite navigation system. Aplicom А5 (Glonass) units are used as onboard equipment of the system.

The unique project named «Automated dispatch system for agricultural sector» (ASD) was first introduced to the heads of Kuznetsk Basin farming regions (Western Siberia) in July 2010. While making presentation, Mihail Fedyaev, president of SBU, said that the project involved 69 farm machines used in arable cultivation of 22,000 ha in Promishlennovskiy district. The project aimed to control personnel and its operational efficiency, prevent losses, including antitheft protection, and reduce on-the-job injury rate. The new system would allow to estimate the actual costs of the grains and other agricultural products.

The onboard equipment, installed in cars, tractors, tanker trucks, provides the real-time data collection/processing, and sends the information to the dispatching computer. Due to the GLONASS based satellite navigation system the dispatcher can receive the information regarding the farming vehicles location and speed, fuel level, quality of the land cultivation and yield capacity, possible fuel losses and other real-time data. This information helps to take the efficient decisions during the fieldwork high season, when a day feeds a year. The data received from onboard units is saved in ASD host system, located in CJSC «Vaganovo».

The Aplicom onboard equipment with its operational temperature from -40° to +75°C, shock- and vibration resistance fully meets the requirements and corresponds the harsh weather conditions of the region. It automatically locates the vehicle within 10 m. The error in determining the fuel level in the tank is less than 3%, the speed is determined up to 1 m/sec.

The contractor «VIST Group» and the client “Siberian Business Union” holding company expect sufficient cost reduction, gain in productivity (up to 15 %), increased work safety, land-use enhancement and crop-yield increase up to 5 – 10%. The major results of the project implementation will be the increase of agricultural work attractiveness and involvement of the qualified personnel to the modern farming.

Aleksander Bondarenko, the director of the Kuznetsk Basin branch of PLC «VIST Group», noted that this appeared to be the one of very first Russian projects in the agricultural sector, implemented by the means of private capital, without governmental funding.

Within the framework of the project, the contractor has installed about 360 units of Aplicom A5 and Aplicom A1 FLEX since the launch in 2010.

For further information about the project «SBU-GLONASS-AGRO», please, contact to PLC «VIST Group».

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