Waste Management during the olympic games in Athens 2004 handled with the help of Aplicom F-Series

Motion Hellas, a leading Greek company in the areas of real time control systems, industrial automation, engineering, manufacturing and CIM software and telematics applications implemented an automatic vehicle monitoring system (AVL) and fleet management system by using the Aplicom F-series vehicle computers for the waste management services during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Athens 2004.

The waste trucks were equipped with Aplicom F-series for location surveillance and monitoring using GPS and GPRS signals.

The Aplicom F-series was chosen, because the vehicle computer is known for its reliability. In addition, it offers the possibility to incorporate various peripheral devices. Devices that can be incorporated to the F-series vehicle computer include GPS receiver, GSM/GPRS, display, touch screen, keyboard, smart card reader RFID reader, headset, loudspeakers and I/O interface offering temperature and weight control”.

Motion Hellas has developed a dedicated F-series user interface specifically for waste management applications. Fleet control transmit to the telematics control center status messages and I/O signals which offers:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring
  • GIS digital representation
  • Fleet supervision
  • Real-time monitoring of various vehicle parameters, e.g. temperature and weight control
  • Alarm management
  • Send/Receive SMS
  • Communication management
  • Statistical analysis and fleet reports

The Aplicom F-series fits perfectly to the needs of waste collection and the transportation sector. Motion Hellas with its specific user interface and waste management application is bringing clear benefits to the customers.

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