Aplicom 1-Wire temperature monitoring solution offers cost-effective way for measuring and reporting temperatures

Aplicom 1-Wire sensor based temperature monitoring solution offers cost effective way for measuring and reporting temperatures to back-end systems for monitoring temperatures in temperature sensitive transports or other M2M type applications.

The 1-Wire temperature monitoring solution consists of Aplicom A9 NEX/TRIX or A11 products having 1-wire interface and supporting use of 1-Wire temperature sensors, and Aplicom provided 1-Wire temperature sensors. The 1-Wire temperature sensor support is built in Aplicom telematics SW as standard feature. The 1-Wire temperature measurements are also supported in Java SDK programming.

In Aplicom Telematics SW the measured temperature values are sent to the backend system in Aplicom D-and G-protocol (A11) as event specific data. The data contains temperature reading of each connected sensor and their unique 64bit ID.

The reporting time intervals and other conditions to trigger the temperature reading from sensors can be configured in Aplicom A-series unit telematics SW configuration and also commanded from backend system. SDK programmers have freedom to trigger the reading of sensors and further processing of the measure values if needed.

Up to twelve (12) 1-Wire sensors can be connected to 1-Wire interface of Aplicom A-series unit. The interface is 3-pin connector in A9 NEX/TRIX and 4-pin connector in A11. Please find more information about the cables from our A9 Product Catalogue and A11 Product Catalogue. Log on to the Extranet to see them or ask more from our sales.

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