Navigating Nordic Winters: How FMS Nordic’s Partnership with Aplicom Enhances Ski Track Management

In the fiercely competitive world of cross-country skiing, where champions are separated by mere milliseconds, the difference between victory and defeat can often come down to the quality of the skiing tracks themselves. FMS Nordic AS is a technological pioneer that provides round-the-clock real-time tracking systems for snow grooming machines that craft the perfect ski trails for Olympic champions and recreational skiers alike. Among the ranks of these champions stand luminaries such as Marit Bjørgen, Theres Johaug, Frida Karlsson, Ebba Anderson, Simen Hegstad Krüger and Petter Northug, whose ski tips have carved through the snow under the watchful guidance of FMS Nordic’s innovations.

Founded with a mission to revolutionize the way snow groomers and snowcats are monitored and managed, FMS Nordic AS operates at the heart of the Norwegian and Swedish winter sports scene. At the core of their success is the integration of robust Aplicom T10 G units, which are instrumental in updating ski-maps in real time, and providing skiers with the freshest tracks and optimal skiing conditions.

Gaute Langaas, CEO of FMS Nordic, articulates the company’s vision with palpable enthusiasm: “Our goal has always been to ensure that whether you’re a world champion or a weekend enthusiast, you have the most up-to-date and reliable skiing conditions at your fingertips. With Aplicom T10 G units, we’ve been able to deliver on that promise consistently.”

Aplicom T10 G devices are mounted within FMS Nordic’s snow grooming machines, transmitting data back to servers where it’s processed and transformed into user-friendly maps. These maps are color-coded, with freshly groomed trails in vibrant green, allowing skiers to easily discern the most recently prepared routes. This innovative approach has been embraced by hundreds of destinations, from high-profile venues like Bruksvallarna, Östersund, Vålådalen, Falun, Holmenkollen, and numerous small locales that dot the winter sports landscape.

“A few years back we realized we needed to update the management of our GPS-units,” Langaas stated. “Our old solution was too time consuming to keep up to date – firmware and over-the-air updates didn’t work very well, and installing software and adding sim-cards was very manpower demanding.

We also realized that 2G will be terminated in 2025 and therefore needed to either update existing solutions or look for a new provider. We analyzed quite a few providers and quickly we realized that Aplicom had a robust turnkey hardware and software solution that met our requirements.”

Snowcats and snow groomers require sturdy units. FMS Nordic found the rugged T10 G units, with their pre-installed SIM cards and IP-67 rating, perfectly suited for the harsh environments they operate in.

“Aplicom’s devices have simplified logistics and enabled us to focus on our core service—delivering excellence in trail preparation,” Langaas said.

“The practical benefits of Aplicom integration are unmistakable. Prior to this technological leap, FMS Nordic grappled with a labor-intensive process that required 15-20 minutes to prepare each unit, a procedure that now takes under a minute!”

When asked about the tangible benefits of Aplicom’s solutions, Langaas’s response was decisive.

Aplicom’s Silver Cloud device management software, with its MQTT capabilities, is not just impressive—it’s revolutionary for our business. Silver Cloud is a brilliant solution that enables us to, via a simple change of configuration file, easily track all units, or organize them by customer and purpose.”

“We are excited to be part of the Aplicom family”, Langaas adds. “They are knowledgeable people with a very good technical and business understanding. We needed a provider who had an understanding of the market we were supporting and Aplicom turned out to be a perfect match.”


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