Aplicom Newsletter November 2020

We are happy to announce the latest edition to our product range – the Aplicom T-Series. T-Series complements the Aplicom product offering by adding a cost-efficient and simple-to-use option for straightforward tracking and IoT applications. Read more in out latest Newsletter

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Aplicom Newsletter October 2020

We are happy to announce an exciting new addition to our A11 product line – the A11 BLE with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 receiver! Read more about A11 BLE in our latest Newsletter and download the brand new Aplicom A11 Series data sheet here.

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Aplicom Newsletter July 2020

Learn more about: - Our Quick & Easy ADS Test Environment - eSIM In Aplicom Devices - Data Security Tips For Telematics Devices Read the newsletter here:

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Quick & Easy ADS Test Environment

  In this article we introduce an easy way to use the Aplicom Data Service (ADS) and the open source data visualization solution Grafana to conveniently display time-series data of IoT devices. To make it easy, we have wrapped all the needed tools and configurations into Docker containers. This setup...

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Aplicom Newsletter May 2020

In this newsletter: Shock detection now available for the entire A-Series range Data security tips for telematics devices Aplicom now manufacturing parts with 3D printers Read the newsletter here

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New: Aplicom Data Service ADS

Professional Telematics made easy: Aplicom launches Aplicom Data Service, ADS. ADS is a cloud-based, secure, store-and-forward service that delivers data from Aplicom A-series telematics devices via a REST API, in a parsed JSON format. The service uses a database for intermediate buffering of data. This ensures secure data transfer from...

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Configuration Templates Speed Up Creation Of Applications

You can make Aplicom A-Series units work without programming. A-Series units come with Aplicom Telematics Software that can be configured using our Aplicom A-Series SW Configurator. Alongside the launch of the Aplicom SW Configurator Tool 12.0.6, we have introduced a set of template configurations to help you to do this...

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Shock Detection Feature For A11

Our new A-Series shock detection option can detect shocks and impacts while vehicles and/or machines are moving or standing still. Previous detection methods required GNSS data to detect accelerations while driving. The new function detects impact solely based on 3D accelerometer data, independent of other sources. Thus, the function also...

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