A leading manufacturer of telematics units and related software services

Since 1995 Aplicom products have been provided to over 30 countries in various installations via Aplicom System Partners to their customers. Aplicom products have been adopted by several internationally known customers in many industry sectors:

  • Transportation & logistics
  • Public transport
  • Field service organisations
  • Airports
  • Waste management
  • Local government
  • Postal and courier services
  • Public authorities

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Holding Company “Siberian Business Union” introduces GLONASS based satellite navigation system for agricultural sector

OJSC Holding Company "SBU Agro", part of "Siberian Business Union" (SBU) group of companies, Kemerovo, has invested 5, 5 mln rubles in agricultural vehicles equipping with GLONASS based satellite navigation system.

Aplicom equipment in “VIST Group” solutions for mining industry

Company “VIST Group” has been working in the IT market for more than 20 years, providing vast experience in the development of the information systems and the capabilities of working with complex solutions for various applications in mining and metallurgy, power-engineering, science and telecommunications industries.

Parcel delivery company moves faster with help of Aplicom vehicle computers

Keski-Suomen Tavaralähetit Oy, a Finnish express carrier and package delivery company, has implemented a new system to monitor their deliveries.

Parcel Carrier’s drivers get the security of Aplicom in-vehicle computers and communications

Ireland’s Special Distribution Services (SDS) is a division of the national postal service, An Post.

Dutch customs installs Aplicom vehicle computers to improve fleet security

Aplicom, a leading manufacturer of professional vehicle computers in Europe, has supplied over 535 computers for use in the fleet of vehicles operated by the Dutch customs authority.

Winter roads gets the telematics treatment from Aplicom and PSR in Suffolk Case studies Transportation & logistics

Aplicom‟s unique and fully programmable, professional vehicle computers have been combined with a tailored software application from PSR to provide highly efficient management of the winter highways maintenance fleet at Suffolk County Council.

Waste Management during the olympic games in Athens 2004 handled with the help of Aplicom F-Series

Motion Hellas, a leading Greek company in the areas of real time control systems, industrial automation, engineering, manufacturing and CIM software and telematics applications implemented an automatic vehicle monitoring system (AVL) and fleet management system by using the Aplicom F-series vehicle computers for the waste management services during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Athens 2004.

Marking a successful partnership: delivery of the 1,000th Aplicom vehicle terminal to the ADAC Case studies

With a membership of around 14 million, the ADAC is not only the largest automobile association in Europe, but also a pioneer in the field of traffic telematics

Europe’s busiest motorway keeps moving thanks to Aplicom’s vehicle computers, and siemens datatrak Case studies

The M25, Europe‟s busiest motorway, and surrounding areas carry more traffic than any other part of Britain each day.

Public transport in Athens equipped with Aplicom vehicle computers

The first and unique Integrated Fleet Management System ever deployed in Greece has been developed by n-topos, Aplicom’s Greek partner, for the needs of a major Bus Operator (ILPAP).

German company Neisseverkehr will install 80 busses with a telematics system by Skycom and Aplicom

German bus company Neisseverkehr GmbH ordered a fleet management system including Aplicom vehicle computers for the complete bus fleet. Neisseverkehr which is located in Guben in Eastern Germany runs a fleet of 80 busses.

Gschwindl transport services opt for master-talk

Innovative communications systems are enjoying increasing popularity on Vienna’s roads. The Gschwindl company recently introduced the very best state-of-the-art radio technology in the Austrian capital for its transport services.

Aplicom’s on-board vehicle computers installed in all hungarocamion trucks

Hungarocamion, one of the leading logistics companies in Europe, selected Aplicom’s on-board vehicle computers to be installed in over 1,000 Hungarocamion trucks.

Aplicom devices in Marfle solutions for marine fleets

Marfle is a Finnish company that provides fleet productivity tools to decrease operative costs of marine fleets.

Cementbouw in the Netherlands chose Aplicom and KPN Fleet Control

Leading Dutch concrete and logistics company, Cementbouw Betonmortel bv implemented KPN FleetControl® management system, and installed Aplicom F-series vehicle computers into their trucks.

Aplicom’s telemetry computers chosen by Rocla for truck diagnostic solution

Rocla, a leading manufacturer of warehouse trucks and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), is using the Aplicom C-series vehicle computer in its Abbot solution, a new Internet-based truck diagnostic solution for monitoring warehouse functions.

German Transport Company Omlor GmbH installs 185 trucks with a telematics system by Skycom and Aplicom

German transport company Alois Omlor GmbH ordered a fleet management system including Aplicom vehicle computers for the complete vehicle fleet.

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